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How we help?

We will provide orphanages with:
– Basic lifestyle supplies such as food, hygiene items, clothes, shoes, etc.
– Basic construction projects and building repairs such painting, room additions, plumbing, etc.
– Equipment such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, beds, household items, etc.
– Ways to improve orphanage facilities through cleanliness and sanitation.
– Gifts for the children for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, etc.
– School supplies, materials, and equipment. 

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Whom we help

We will provide orphanages with:

Providing for the lifestyle needs of the children at the orphanages

Helping with prayer and personal ministry

Providing assistance to orphanages by means of construction teams, etc.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Conducting social events

Assist shelter staff in needy areas

Teach the Bible to children, caregivers and communities

Providing basic needs such as food and items related to food, beverages, clothing, diapers

Latest stories

See what we have done in recent times.

New charity Baltimore

New charity Baltimore

We set up a table that serves the homeless people breakfast doughnuts and coffee. We also give away free clothing, blankets, shoes, and hygiene products.

Charity in Odessa

Charity in Odessa

Our charity in the orphanage. It was bought, diapers, rugs, chocolates

Charity work

Charity work

Charity work by feeding and giving drink to the homeless. Praying for a war veteran and disabled man.

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